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Ping Pong Pals

When I was a child, we heated our house with coal. When we changed over to gas, my Dad took down the coal bin, cleaned the area and made a ping pong table out of an old kitchen table and a piece of ply wood in our basement. We played and we played often.

When John & I lived in Berkeley Heights, the Casey’s gave us their old ping pong table when they were moving to Florida. It was old and pretty wobbly. We used it when we moved to Mary Street in our garage. John’s Engineering office was in our basement then. After John’s Business moved out of our basement, to his office in 2ooo, he bought us a new ping pong table for Christmas. Our children and I played a lot, especially when we had company. The children would go down stairs and play after dinner while the adults talked.

We have fun, we pray and we exercise and are blessed!

PING PONG PALS! Our Ping Pong group began after 2000. I invited Ginny Gallic to come and play which became a regular weekly thing. We would play, I think, every Monday, not necessarily keeping score, but just having fun. Later we invited Clara Bickle and her daughter Maria, Nelie Tucker, Linda Stein and Mary Valla and sometimes we have had others come. It is truly a blessed time.

In my basement I have a sign that says, “Pray Before You Play” so we always spend a few minutes to lift our needs up to the Lord and pray for others in need before we play. We have time to share with one another while others are playing. We each play 2 games, switching with whom we play for the second game. We also take turns hosting, one week it is at my house in Branchburg and one week it is in Berkeley Heights at Linda’s, usually from 1pm to 2:30pm. We have fun, we pray and we exercise and are blessed!

If anyone wants to play in the evening, my ping pong table may be available.

- Kathie, People of Hope Member

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