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Power from on High: a Compass Reflection

Some personal thoughts on our most recent retreat

One of the great personal blessings I experienced this spring retreat was being able to pray for the older generations, especially in my small group. Growing up in the People of Hope community I always felt the love of the Lord when being prayed over but often lacked the opportunity to rely on my own faith. When I served at Youthworks Detroit for a year I finally had this chance to step into boldness in how I prayed for others and listened to the Holy Spirit.


With this new boldness I was able to pray over and love the men and women who have supported me in so many ways over the course of my life. This was a gift I did not know that I wanted or needed. Hearing more deeply about the POH and Petros

woman made me realize we all have armor we need to shed no matter where we are in this faith journey.  I look forward to seeing how the Holy Spirit stretches and astonishes each one of us in the weeks and months ahead.



Compass Member

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