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COMPASS is the Young Adults Outreach of the People of Hope. We are a group of Christian young professionals and graduate students who support each other in our respective journeys of faith through meeting together in small groups, praying together, and, often, sharing a meal together to rest from the week and celebrate the Sabbath. We benefit from the resources of the People of Hope and enjoy faith formation and spiritual mentorship from some of our older brothers and sisters in Christ.


As Young Adults who actively seek to discern the call of the Lord in our life, we want to make choices at this key moment which will establish a firm foundation on which to live as a missionary disciple for the rest of our life – in whatever environment, context or community the Lord calls us to. 

The goal of this Young Adult Formation program, therefore, is to join together with other Catholic Young Adults to build together a way of life that will help each member go deeper into the life of Christ than any of us could do on our own. Our common life of both formation and mission will set our hearts ablaze for the Lord Jesus.


Our participation will transform each of us to be men and women who live a renewed way of life, in holiness, character, and the fruits of the Holy Spirit. We choose to live not simply as individual disciples but rather as an intentional community of disciples on mission – which strengthens us with deep relationships in Christ and empowers us as a body to be an even greater force for the spread of the Gospel.


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