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Daughters of Hope: a February update

Updated: Apr 10

Hear a little bit about what our senior women have been up to recently!

The Daughters of Hope are enjoying another great year of fellowship in the Holy Spirit and sisterhood in the Lord at our monthly meetings. We began with a welcome back, Fall-themed get-together at Mary Quense's lovely back yard.  The highlight was sharing memories of Edwarda Harmon and Marie Romero, who both had recently passed.  In November, we welcomed the new Church year with appys, desserts, and noisemakers. In January, we celebrated the Epiphany with cookies, carols, and gifts.  We look forward to a Lenten gathering in March, and our annual visit to the Sisters of Jesus our Hope in May.

The Daughters of Hope are truly inspirations as they witness to deep holiness and faithfulness to God throughout their lives.  They are so much fun to be with, too! We have our share of canes, walkers, and hearing aids, but every sister is happy to be there and brings a smile on her face and ever joy in her heart.  They are indeed pillars of our community!  Thank you Jesus for these women who have shown us and continue to show us how to run the good race!

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