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Compass Young Professionals Retreat

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Compass, the People of Hope's young adults outreach, hosted their first official young professionals retreat this past weekend. The weekend explored the theme of "Unity" and, specifically, how to foster unity in mission as a group of intentional disciples of Christ. The retreat was a collaborative effort, with Compass members presenting the talks, running discussion groups, offering their witnesses and encouragement, and leading the rest of the group in prayer. The weekend included praise, Mass, fellowship, and a chance to enjoy the shore. Many thanks to the many hands who made this possible and the many prayers which helped make this weekend a blessed experience.


Retreat Reflections

"The Lord has given me a sense from the start of Compass this year that something is at work. God is on the move and he is pointing Compass in a direction leading straight to Him; it seems to me that this Retreat was but a glimpse of what the Lord wants to offer Compass in the days to come.

One of the ways the Lord’s will shined in this Retreat was through the talks that were given. It felt as though each one of them had been planned together like every speaker knew word for word what one another would say. Ask me or any of those that attended but I wager that like me they would say that the Lord revealed something to them with every talk. It felt like God changed something in our hearts this retreat, it feels like Compass was a club we would go to once a month, filled with uncertainties and a lack of dedication to one another. But it's clear that we and the Lord want us to come together and be something more than that.

I feel like the Lord strengthened my old relationships and and invigorated many new ones. The easiest way to describe this retreat for me would be to say that God was clearly present in every moment. I think the capstone was our Prayer Meeting where we finally had a long awaited time of prayer and praise together. We were even blessed enough to have time in Adoration together during the Prayer Meeting. During that Prayer Meeting I could truly feel the Lord’s presence (I’m not just talking about during Adoration) in all of us together. There it felt as though the Lord healed a lot of old wounds in people’s hearts that had been festering for a long time. 

To conclude, on this retreat I believe God commissioned Compass to be something more, to come closer in unity and commitment, and finally to go out and be a light in the world that the Lord calls us all to be. God set my heart on fire this retreat I pray that, that fire spreads."

-Trevor, Compass Member

"The Compass retreat was an awesome opportunity to step away in a relaxed retreat environment and get to really think about and practice the theme of finding unity with God, myself and the people around me. I was able to further experience God's presence and a beautiful sense of peace through all of the talks, people and opportunities for prayer."

-Gabby, Compass Member

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