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Compass Summer Events 2022

This summer, Compass, The Young Adults of the People of Hope, opened its arms in welcoming guests and strengthening the bond within the community through various outreach and social events. Instead of the usual Lord’s Day dinners, Teaching Nights, and Small Group meetings which we did between September and May, Compass arranged to have a summer event each week, from the beginning of June until the end of August. Each month, we had a Men’s and Women’s Night; Sunday brunch at Joe and Clare’s; Volleyball at the Bunsa’s, and Beach Day in Belmar.

Since a lot of the regular Compass members had varying summer travel plans and schedules, we did not expect everyone to be at every single event. Instead, Compass created a weekly opportunity and environment for Young Adults who are in the area to meet, socialize, and talk about the Lord.

Everyone was encouraged to invite a guest, and so there were a lot of new and familiar faces. At the June Men’s Night, the Compass guys were joined by some of the young married guys. At the July Men’s Night, we hung out by the pool at the Molnar’s with the rest of the People of Hope men. At the August Men’s Night, we were joined by some of the SPO missionaries and other college-age or just-graduated-from-college guys. Each Men’s Night gave the Compass men and guests the opportunity to talk to and share wisdom with other men in various stages of life. These gave the younger men a glimpse that brotherhood and friendships among men do not end in college. In fact, some of the men who have been with POH have known each other for decades. I never went to any of the Women’s Nights, so ask a woman from Compass what they did and I’m sure they’d be happy to tell you. :)

One Sunday each month, the newlyweds Joe and Clare Buganski graciously hosted brunch on Mary Street. There were lots of food, some sparkling drinks, and plenty great company.

One Tuesday each month, the Bunsa’s hosted volleyball from 7pm till sunset. While most of us played, some watched on the sidelines and just hung out.

One Sunday each month, some of us met up on 18th Ave. in Belmar to just hang at the beach, go into the water, and play beach volleyball. More than just arranging an event each week, Compass provided a space for Young Adults and Young Professionals to meet, relate with each other, and introduce guests to a life of being in a community where Jesus is Lord. I can’t believe that summer is over. As cliche as this might sound, time does fly when you’re having fun.

- LJ Dequina, Compass Member


Interested in joining in events similar to these ones? Visit our website to see our 2022 Fall Calendar to join other young adults in events like these!

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