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Blessings in the midst of "Quarantine"

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

"I've made it a point to stay in communication with people during this time, but I've already found myself inspired and called on by others."

See how Compass members have still been able to encourage one another and build community admist quarantine and isolation.

"The pandemic that is affecting so many people throughout the world, has forced so many people, families, and communities into our current quarantine. Situations like this can easily bring about a feeling of loneliness and isolation, but the Lord works even in the "desert". I've made it a point to stay in communication with people during this time, but I've already found myself inspired and called on by others. Compass has been one of the foremost examples of community lived out in this time, as leadership and members have banded together to stay united as a community. Whether it be through Zoom small group meetings, opening the Lord's Day together using Zoom, or just encouraging one another and sharing what the Lord is saying in this time in our small group and Compass group chats; the community has truly been alive. Quarantine, isolation, and this "pause" in the norms of life are doing nothing to stop what the Lord is doing in Compass and what He is doing in other communities throughout the world. I am confident of that. I think He has been drawing Compass deeper into relationship between its members, as we are finding new, creative ways to live a communal, Christian life together even when we physically cannot be together. As a community, Compass, its leadership, and its members have accepted the realities of this time of quarantine, but have not allowed those realities to halt the progress that the Lord is having in building up a community of sons and daughters of the Lord, Jesus Christ."

- Gabe, Compass Member

During this time of quarantine, one blessing has been the time and space to regularly share meals together with my roommates. We've committed to eating dinner together every night of quarantine, including Lord's Day. Making a point to celebrate the opening of the Lord's Day each Saturday has created a natural rhythm to my week and has also enabled me to feel connected to the People of Hope and Compass community via our common way of life. While we aren't sharing dinner physically at the same table, we are close in spirit! We've even shared pictures of our Lord's Day dinner tables with each other via the groupme.

- Annie, Compass Member

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