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A Reflection on the 2021 Compass Fall Retreat

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

OVERVIEW: The Compass Retreat took place the last weekend in October at Camp Shiloh in Hewitt, NJ. About 60 Compass members & guests were in attendance and experienced the Lord work in power. The theme of the retreat was “Deeper Life in the Holy Spirit”. Throughout the weekend, the group heard four talks centered around this theme & a call to surrender our lives more fully to the Lord and an opportunity to activate and use the gifts of the Holy Spirit in our daily lives. The weekend was full of rich content as well as times of worship, small group discussion and a lot of time for fellowship and building relationships with everyone on retreat. It was a gift to be together and grow in deeper relationships with all in Compass!

RETREAT SHARING: Fall 2021 Compass retreat was extraordinary. I would fall short in telling you everything the Lord did for me that weekend and I will fall short in depicting the love I received but I hope to be able to offer up a snapshot of my weekend experiencing the Lord’s love and the power of friendship.

On the Saturday of the retreat, the retreat attendees were able to choose between going on a hike, to a winery, or visiting nearby gardens for our free time. Typical me, who wants the best of as many options as I can get, chose the modified option of both going on a short hike and also getting in some time at the winery—two for the price of one! I love getting more for the same price. After the hike the question arose, who would drive to the winery? I counted up the women in my head and realizing I could fit everyone into my dad’s car that recently became mine, I offered to drive. On the ride back to camp from the winery, as us women were belting at the top of our lungs “Since You Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson, I noticed the pressure of the top right tire beginning to decrease, first by two, then two more. Soon, it became significantly lower than the other tires. I said to the ladies in the car, “I think something is wrong.” We pulled to the side of the road and as the air leaked out, the tire pressure number read less than 10. Something wasn’t right.

Trying to figure out what was going on, we found our way to a gas station where a stranger carefully looked at the car saying this was not something that could be easily repaired. After multiple phone calls to my dad, a quick stop at the pizzeria for a snack, the women who were with me in the car took initiative and stepped up to help in this challenging situation. Before I knew it, one friend was on the phone with her insurance asking to see if they could assist us, another taking care of the logistical questions, and another reminding us of the blessings throughout this. In the midst of the craziness of somehow losing all of the air in my dad’s expensive car tire, I stood amongst these women and the limp tire feeling blessed.

A friend came to pick us up and another friend sent me money through Venmo to help pay for the tire repair. I found out the tire was a run flat and I could just make it home (I needed to go 45 miles and the run-flat rode for 50 miles). The car was shaking, and I felt scared and reluctant to ride on a tire that couldn’t hold any air at all. I told the friend who drove home with me that it would probably be best for her to go with another friend to be safe. She sternly replied, “I came with you and I am returning with you.” Another friend drove behind me all the way home to ensure I made it home safely.

So, as I started writing this, I initially began writing about the things I felt God say to me. But then I decided this story encompassed it much better. God taught me about the extraordinary power of his love and the power of friendship.

- Amanda, Compass Member

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