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A New Normal: Young Family Life During Quarantine

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

A young family shares their personal experience of continuing on in faith in the midst of external disruption.

Hi all! I was asked to share a little bit about our life during this time of social distancing in the pandemic, but I feel I need to start a little before that. Before Lent, I really felt the Lord calling me to be a better mother. To be more patient, kind, and most importantly do more than just survive until bedtime. So I made a commitment to myself and the Lord that this was something that I was going to work on during Lent. Little did I know that with this yes I was signing up for what would become a very challenging time in our lives.

Since this sickness has started to spread, we have had to take two (of the three) of our children to the ER for stitches and one had to be admitted to the hospital for two days because of the infection.

So to say the least it has been eventful. In between hospital stays and ER visits we have been trying to create a new normal in our home. We changed our schedule to have better practices about cleaning up and family time. I have been looking up fun things to do at home on the internet. We have been able to paint a stained glass window, make a giant “Chutes and Ladders” in our driveway, and I even found a way to make my children's bikes stationary and let them take a “spin class” in the living room. One of our new favorite things to do is take walks with my two sisters-in-law (who we live with), and we have made a scavenger hunt out of it, finding things along the way. I have taken the time to help my boys learn things that have always felt rushed. For example, I have been helping my 3 year old learn to get dressed and put on his shoes on his own and helped my 5 year old finally make the Sign of the Cross correctly (my poor lefty).

We have tried to make spiritual things a priority. We are watching Mass as a family and trying to keep it as if we are really there. We set up some chairs, icons, a crucifix, and a candle. Even though our parish does not have a musician during these virtual masses, we play a song and sing it together as an opening hymn. I found a children's Rosary on Youtube that is a little shorter than a full Rosary that my kids enjoy. I have been printing out religious pictures for my boys to color. We have been celebrating the feasts of the season with coloring pages of Mary and enjoying DONUTS. We have been praying for others and my sister-in-law has come and played guitar for us to have prayer time.

We are not doing everything perfectly and, believe me, you are just reading a highlight reel of our lives. Most days consist of my kids being crazy, reminding myself about my Lenten commitment, yelling, fighting, apologizing, cleaning things up, praying, getting a lot of snacks, video chatting everyone we know, sneaking a spoonful ice cream when my kids are not looking, and collapsing on the couch when everyone finally goes to bed. And then remembering I have a virtual share group, or an Ignite meeting.

Please know that our family has been praying for all of you. The Lord is using this time differently in each and every one of our lives. We cannot wait to see you all when this is over, but until then may God bless you!

-Katie, People of Hope Member

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