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A New Compass Year: A look into what lies ahead

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

This year Compass is continuing to build community for young adults in our area.

Joined by many faces you may recognize and many that you may not (but hopefully will soon) Compass continues to offer a home for those who grew up in the People of Hope, those who came up through SPO, SPO missionaries and many more.

Last year in Compass, we had our very first fall retreat. This retreat was an important moment for us; it began to shape our identity of who God is calling us to be as young professionals, as those discerning a call to community life, and most importantly as Christian disciples. We know the Lord has something particular for us in Compass and we're excited to continue to press in and seek what that may be.

This year in Compass we are taking the "Our Call and Mission" course. Delving into the origins of the community movement, key prophetic words that shape our communal life and learning more about the life we live day in and day out in covenant communities.

Covid has obviously forced us in Compass to change things up and may have even halted some of our momentum. BUT, we've begun to meet in person again for our Small Groups and Formation nights, with virtual options for those unable to attend. We are excited to continue to build this community and seek all that God has in store for us.

- The Compass Leadership Team

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