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This Too Shall Pass: An Encouragement during Quarantine

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

This too shall pass! Did we ever imagine that we would be isolated-quarantined for 10 weeks without being in a Church and receiving Our Lord in the Eucharist? How could I live without?

God is kind and merciful! During those sometimes long weeks, when I missed the hugs, fellowship of others, all the meetings and special celebrations, I had time to pray especially for those who were sick and the souls of those who died! And I read the Diary of St. Faustina a beautiful large book about the merciful love of God. It touched my heart in many ways, especially to know that God is offended by our ingratitude!

Which lead me to thank God for time to pray, thank God for those who cared for me, mostly my son and daughter in law, Pat and Rebeca who kept me feed and filled my arms with their new baby Fulton Robert each day. Each week Nancy, my small group leader, gathered our small group of ten in a conference call, where we shared our life and prayed together! What a blessing! So yes, this too shall pass but it has made me more grateful for God's mercy and kindness! Come Holy Spirit!

- Written by Ginny, People of Hope Member

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