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Still Together during This Time Apart: A Reflection about the Daughters of Hope

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Wednesday, November 18th, a crisp, but sunny autumn day, found 6 smiling ladies ON THE MOVE. These dear sisters, our current Daughters of Hope service team, were loving the Daughters, (now 26 in number) by presenting them with a "Thanksgiving Drive By of LOVE!" This effort began at 12:30 and finished at 4:00 as we followed the Holy Spirit idea to personally deliver a joyful greeting--- to include a delightful tune, plus SMILES galore.

We met our ladies where they were at - in their homes, apartments, assisted livings. We met our ladies in Warren, Berkeley Heights, New Providence, Stirling, Long Hill, Greenbrook, Dunellen, and Branchburg. Denise delivered a song, smile and gift to Jackie in Morris Plains, and Perry delivered our love and package to his Mom, Ginny down in Toms River.

We stayed 5 minutes at each location, smiling and laughing (under our masks) with each specific "Daughter of Hope." We found these dear and holy women responding to us with bigger smiles than ours. Their eyes sparkled and their hearts were filled with gratitude for this Holy Spirit gesture of love. We ALL were blessed.

Particular appreciation goes to our planners---Sue and Mary. Besides bringing love, we presented each sister with a thank you pumpkin with their names written on top. Our Daughter was encouraged to add thankful writing to her own pumpkin. A fancy fall towel, small pumpkin bread and written Scriptures on gratitude were added. Completing our package was a November newsletter with updates, pictures and LOVE.

So in this challenging time in history that we find ourselves and our loved ones in, our team will be seeking the Holy Spirit of love and CREATIVITY to see how we might stay in touch with our wonderful ladies. The Holy Spirit is ALWAYS ON TIME and so we are encouraged and reassured that we can keep our little group going during this time of physical distancing. This years team---Diane Tomasello, Sue Minogue, Mary K. Quense, Kathy Garcia, Denise Garcia Rivers and myself have found that big and small efforts are met with grace and inspiration on the "how to?" We are finding ourselves making use of telephones, written notes and newsletters, and the now infamous "drive by." We are finding that Love never fails both in the giving and in the receiving. JOY--Jesus, Others, You-- is alive and well in both the receivers and the givers.

All the Daughters and their team praying for each of you and yours for a Blessed Advent Season!

- with love, Norma & team

The Lovely Daughters of Hope Team:

Norma Provinsal, Denise Garcia Rivers, Sue Minogue, Kathy Garcia, Diane Tomasello, Mary K Quense

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