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Kairos GAPpers Spring Break in NJ

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

"We are the Kairos North America Gap class of 2018-2019. You can call us the Gappers for short! From right to left: Julian from Vancouver, BC, Kelsey from Ypsilanti, MI, Katherine from Columbus, OH, Becky from Ellsworth, WI, Olivia from Spring Lake, MI. We are all currently in our Gap years in Lansing, Michigan, led by our Gap Director Mark, anchored in a life of full-time service and community-building."

"Our spring break trip to New Jersey involved a wide variety of activities – from service opportunities to fellowship to retreat time to tourism. On Monday, we spent time exploring the Stirling and North/South Plainfield area – from O’Bagel to Washington Rock Park. On Tuesday, we had a fantastic time volunteering at the Community of New Jersey Food Bank. The next day, we partook in KA’s Witness Wednesday, talking about our experience and takeaways from the GAP year. We spent the weeks prior to the trip planning the [Ignite Youth Ministry] night, before executing the night on Thursday to big success. We spent Friday to Saturday in St. Joseph’s Shrine on a mid-year GAP retreat. In between all of this, we found time to hop the train to NYC and explore the city as a GAP class!" - Julian


The GAP Program is an exciting internship for 18-22 year-olds from Kairos outreaches all over the world. As a GAP intern, you get to be on the front lines of Kairos' work of building a community of disciples on mission. Practically this means taking a year off from school, moving to an a new city, living in household, and serving in the community, university outreach, and youth programs.

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