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Joy & Hope Amidst Hardship

I have been trying to make a few calls each day, to stay in touch with family and friends. Today I called Ginny. She was so very happy hear my voice and greeted me with great warmth. She shared with me how a woman from her church who lives nearby was helping her during this coronavirus pandemic. Ginny told me that her neighbor was buying her groceries, picking up her prescriptions and bringing her a meal every day. Ginny said she had no way thank this kind woman for all that she is doing. I told her I thought Howie had sent her an angel! She said, YES he has!!

I was so inspired by Ginny’s faith and positive attitude at this time. She recently lost her dear husband Howie and is still adjusting to life without him, but she thanks God every

day for His faithfulness to her. She told me about a beautiful forsythia bush outside her window, and that when she opens the shade each morning she says ‘Good morning sunshine!’

I wanted to call Ginny to encourage her and she ended up blessing me! Our Lord, the Risen One, is caring for us all in this unusual time. Let’s press on in keeping faith as our sister Ginny is showing us how to do.

- Maureen, Anchor Member

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