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Archdiocesan Women's Day: A brief summary of the Women's Day from March

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

While this event happened a few months ago, due to the craziness of the Pandemic we did not get the opportunity to feature this article until now. We are grateful to Rosalie for sharing her takeaways with us from this inspiring day!

Takeaways from the Women's Day

My brief summary of a fabulous Day for Women! Here are three points that stand out to me:

1) God loves each of us in a very individual way, and he receives love from us in a way that is different from any other person; so, take the time to rest in God and allow Him to love us as only He can, and love Him as only we can!

 2) We are an instrument of God's love to others. Allow God's hand to use that instrument He created to accomplish His work.

 3) We carry eternity within us (Christ in the Eucharist). Eternal life cannot remain contained; it goes forth to bring life.  Encourage others for the smallest of steps they take toward God. God will bless our efforts as we move toward Him and help others do the same.

By Rosalie McMullen

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