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Abounding in love: A Personal Sharing featuring the Family of Faith community

Such a mix of emotions comes with buying a house and moving. Excitement, fear, joy, anxiety, and anticipation. When Meeko and I began the process of buying our home our brothers and sisters were there praying for us, that God would make His will known. All through the buying process they prayed for us, celebrated with us the joys and encouraged us in the challenges. When we needed boxes, they were there to provide them, when we needed AC units they were there. I already felt the love of God through them at that time, but I had no idea what was in store. From the moment we closed on the house, our brothers and sisters were there, both to celebrate and to get done all the things that needed to be done.

When it came time to move, I was so overwhelmed. SO MANY BOXES! I worried they wouldn’t fit in the truck or that we wouldn’t finish in time. I was so wrong, the men played a 3D version of Tetris and made all of our things fit perfectly in the truck like it was made for them, more than 20 people came to help load the truck and it was done in about an hour! My heart was already so full. When we packed up to head to the new house to unload I was told “we will stay back to clean up here so you won’t have to.” A group of brothers and sisters stayed back to spackle, paint and clean the apartment so we could be at the house to direct where things would go. Another huge job and weight was completely lifted off our shoulders.

When we had unloaded the truck in just as little time I was amazed! Everything had gone smoother than I could have imagined. Then came the food! Several families brought tons of delicious food and drinks for all those who were helping. We shared a meal together and I counted my blessings again. Laughter could be heard from every corner of the house and so much life had already been lived in our new house that it felt like home.

When I thought my heart couldn’t be any fuller, our brothers and sisters did MORE. They unpacked ALL of our boxes with us and set up the whole house how we wanted it, from the kitchen, to the bedrooms, even down to Ezran’s toys, each room was set up with love and care. By the time everyone left, no one could even tell we had just moved in. We were blown away.

Each time I entered a new room, I felt the love of our friends and family reflected back at me and I was brought nearly to tears thinking of how blessed we are. What would have taken us months to complete was done in less than two weeks with the help of our brothers and sisters. We praise and thank God for the gift that community is to our family and the many ways He manifests His love to us through them.

- Angelica Natural


This article is the continuation of a new bulletin series which will seek to highlight the many ministries and communities around the world which we are blessed to call friends.

If you are interested in learning more about the vibrant Family of Faith community,

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