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15 Years of the Daughters of hope

The Daughters of Hope were able to meet in person twice in 2021. In June, we gathered on a warm sunny day for an outdoor picnic. We each brought a bag lunch, learned some fun facts about the origins of picnics and played Name That Tune of all the oldies but goodies. Everyone was so thrilled to be able to spend time together and we laughed and had great fellowship

In October we gathered for a 15th Birthday party of the Daughters of Hope, celebrating God’s faithfulness to us as we begin our 15th year! We had party hats, balloons, cake and learned the origin and history of the Daughters of Hope. We had beautiful honorings of Norma Provinsal and Diane Tomasello, who have served from the beginning. Norma had an inspiration of the Holy Spirit 15 years ago, and after much thought, prayer and discussion, began this ministry. She has been the “fearless leader” all these years. Diane has served right beside her all this time.

Thank you Norma for your VISION, your BIG HEART and all the TIME and EFFORT it took to make this happen. Thank you both for your SELFLESS SERVICE, LOVE and KINDNESS to so many women over the years. We are so grateful for you and all the wonderful events you have created for the Daughters over the years. Norma and Diane have decided to “cross over” and join the Daughters. They were eligible a few years back but decided to keep serving till the Holy Spirit prompted them. Norma has passed the torch to Susan Minogue along with the team of Mary Quense, Kathy Garcia and Teresa Murray. God is good!

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