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The Seniors are still Kicking

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

We have an excellent men’s group, the ages run from early 70’s to early 90’s. All the men are filled with love for the Lord and their neighbor. They have loved their spouses for many years, married from almost 50 to 67 years. Two are recent widowers continuing to grieve for their loving wives who have passed, but with confidence and hope that they will see them again. All continue to live out their their public commitment to the community in exemplary way - faithful in service, meeting, financial giving, and especially in daily prayer. They are men of hope. While many are battling health issues, they continue to go beyond the norm in their love for the Lord. Here’s a snippet of some of their latest efforts:

Dick Birmingham: In 2014, Dick began sending his 10 kids a copy of the Gospel for the day, followed by a brief reflection on how we might apply the principles of that reading to daily life. Friends of his kids and others asked to be added to the list of addressees. Over 90 people have been receiving these excellent daily reflections for over 7 years.

John Dalessio: As you observe the new St. Joseph Chapel being constructed at St. Joseph Shrine in Stirling, you will notice the innovative roof structure designed by John and his engineering firm. He’s also helping to ensure the long term stability of the Blue Army Shrine statue of Mary, traveling 130 feet in the air on a crane to inspect it.

Bob Filoramo: In the last couple of years, Bob has had 3 articles published, “St. Paul and the Centurion” in New Oxford Review, “G.K.Chesterton and the Coming Peril” in St. AUSTIN Review, and “Large Catholic Families: A Prophetic Sign” in Homiletic and Pastoral Review and more are in the hopper.

Len Forman: Len plays banjo in the "Good Tyme String Band", which performs at the Berkeley Heights Library on the 2nd Tuesday of the month from 10:30 to 11 AM. Len has been active for 3 years. P.S. If you invite Len for Lord's Day, he brings his banjo, and will play a song or two to entertain you.

Frank Guido: Frank, "the spring chicken" of our group, will again be teaching at Koinonia Academy in the coming year. His strong evangelistic gift is always in full force.

Lee Ravaioli: While grieving the recent loss of his dear wife, Lee continues to fight the good fight of faith, helping his family and working at the Somerset County golf course.

Dave Touhill: Since the beginning of the pandemic, Dave has daily published over 400 BLOGS that expound on some spiritual principle as well as describing some of the heroes of our faith who have passed away like Walt Quense, Fr. Carro, and “Bone.” Originally intended for his kids and grandchildren, over 100 are now receiving it.


In the words of Cardinal John Henry Newman,

“God has created me to do Him some definite service. He has committed some work to me which He has not committed to another.”

So, we continue to encourage one another to finish strong, to live out our commitment to the Lord, to continue to grow in prayer, to evangelize, to finish that work God has committed to us, and to proclaim “Jesus is Lord!”

- Dave Touhill, People of Hope Member


If you want to check out some of the resources mentioned above, see the links below:

- Dick can be emailed at

- For Bob’s article in Homiletic review, visit

- Dave's Blog can be visited at

- See updates on the St. Joseph's Shrine -

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