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The Gift of Service

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

This year in Ignite has been like no other - with Covid restrictions, masks, social distancing, planning week by week instead of by semester, it could have not been more different than a typical Ignite year. However, as I reflect on the year, I look back on it with gratitude. Grateful for the ability to still meet in person with the teens, to build relationships with them and continue to walk with them in their journey with the Lord.

I think the most encouraging part of this year was to see how the teens were still so committed to participating in Ignite and kept showing up week after week. It could have been very easy for them to quit on it or come with indifferent attitudes but instead they came joyfull ready to receive what we had to offer them.

I’m continuously inspired and grateful by how the teens desire to make the faith their own. It inspires me to continue to work hard and build my own relationship with the Lord. And in serving and giving to the Lord each week in Ignite, the Lord never outdoes himself in generosity to me. He gives me so much more than I need and even desire. I am so grateful to Him and the ways he allows me to experience more of his love and goodness through my service in Ignite.


To learn more about joining or volunteering with Ignite, please email Tim at

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