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Small things with great love: on bulletins & glory stories

It's time for a glory story about small things and great love. A visiting member of the Petros community shared with us how impactful our People of Hope bulletin has been in sharing God's love and her own love for life in community! Be encouraged by Kristine's words of thanksgiving below.

As a community of disciples on mission, we know that life in community is just that: a way of life. The life of a disciple is made up on many little moments, many small things lived with great love.
As the People of Hope Office, we try to capture and communicate some of the abundance and joy of this life through small things: bulletins, social media, newsletters, photo albums, retreat materials. Sharing our life is a way to give glory to God! We are so grateful to everyone who has written and contributed to sharing our witness as a People of Hope!

Hi People of Hope!

I'm Kristine, a member of Petros, and just wanted to share a glory story with the PoH newsletters that were passed out during the Pentecost prayer meeting.

My sister, Eula, brought home one of the copies and I just visited our mom in their home. My mom wouldn't stop raving about everything she read in it and was excited to share with me her thoughts about all she read. She's so enlightened and encouraged about what community is through reading the entirety of the newsletter, and was particularly in awe of Paul Temple's memorial article.

With my husband and I, as well as my sister, diving deeper into community life, it's been a bit difficult trying to accurately explain what community is to my parents. I feel like my mom has gotten a better idea of what it is, as well as an approval for the beauty of community, thanks to the newsletter.

Thought to share this with you! I never thought a simple newsletter could be so evangelistic, haha!

All things through Christ,


If you would like to read our Pentecost bulletin (and all of our recent bulletins) here!

And if you would like to submit a glory story of your own or to help us with future blog articles and bulletins, please reach out to Maeve at
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