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Right to Life March - Ignite Youth Ministry

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Washington, DC//Jan 24, 2020

IGNITE YOUTH MINISTRY had our largest group to date attend the Right to Life March in Washington, D.C. together. There were 17 teens accompanied by three youth leaders. We attended the March with many parishioners from St. Vincent de Paul parish on the St. Vincent’s bus. It reminded me of the time I attended the March with my friends in high school and it was awesome to now be leading a group of high schoolers on this trip. Our Ignite teens were energetic and it was clear that they were all proud to be there marching for something they believed in. I was proud to be leading them.

Once we arrived in Washington D.C., we walked as a group to the Washington Monument lawn to hear President Trump address all who attended the March, some 100,000 of us! His address was followed by many vibrant Pro-Life speakers who encouraged and supported us in our fight to defend life. Then we marched together. The March is not only encouraging by its numbers but also that everyone who is there is joyful and full of life. It’s a space where hundreds of thousands of strangers from all over the country come not only to march together but talk to one another and freely share life together for one day. Our group happened to bump into many friends we know: siblings, relatives and friends that live near or far. The March is truly a place where we can come together as one and fight for Life. Ignite was extremely blessed to take part in this March. We continue to pray for all the unborn and for those who cannot defend themselves.

-Ignite Youth Leader

Teen Testimony

We started the day off with Mass at St. Vincent’s at 6:00 am, which was the earliest I had woken up in a while, but it was nice to kick the day off on the right note. This was my first time going to the Right to Life March in Washington DC and what surprised me the most was how many people there were. I’ve always heard that a lot of people went, but seeing it and being in the middle of everything in person was mind-blowing. It was beautiful to see just how many people in America really cared about the rights of the unborn babies, and it was especially encouraging to see all the kids around my age who are also pro-life. My favorite part was finally reaching the top of the hill and being able to look back down to see all of the people marching, and it was awesome to feel like we were really making a difference in the right direction.

-Ignite teen, 10th grade

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