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Notes on Holy Week: Lenten Reflections with the Brotherhood of Hope

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

NOTE: The "Cross of Isolation" event has passed but you can still sign up for the Brothers' Holy Week reflections.

Dear brothers and sisters,

As we prepare to commemorate the events of Holy week it is impossible not to think about how the Coronavirus has impacted our ability to enter fully into the sacred liturgies and traditions of the church. Up until this point in Lent, the impact of the virus has fit into our Lenten practices is some mysterious way. But as we enter into Holy week, our inability to be in our churches to celebrate the Triduum together tears at the very fabric of our Catholic life. A life which has as its source the Holy Trinity, and therefore a life whose celebrations are centered around community. For some divine reason, the Lord is permitting us to go through this trial. Yet our sense of loss and isolation during this time is but tiny glimpse of the loss and abandonment that our Lord Jesus suffered for us upon the cross.

If you would like to explore this mystery further, please join the Brotherhood of Hope this Sunday as they explore "The Cross of Isolation". You can register below.

In an effort to foster spiritual communion and connectedness among our five campuses and all alumni and friends of the Brotherhood around the country, we invite you to join us this Sunday April 5th at 3 p.m. EST for a virtual event called "The Cross of Isolation." This online gathering will include live music from the Brothers, an inspiring talk from our founder Fr. Philip, dedicated time for intercessory prayer, and a message of encouragement from our general superior, Br. Ken. As we reflect together on the isolation that Jesus experienced while dying on the cross, we too will bring our struggles of isolation to the foot of the cross.

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