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New Ignite Year: A look into the Ignite Ministry Year

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Ignite is so excited to be back for a new ministry year! This year is a new moment for Ignite - we have some new leaders with new approaches and new teens that joined us.

When everything shut down this past March, like everyone else, Ignite met virtually until we ended our year in May and paused for the summer. Although we were grateful to still be able to meet virtually, Zoom definitely was not our preference. This year we plan to be back in person for our events with all the Covid-19 policies in place. We had our kickoff event on Thursday, September 24th where we had about thirty teens attend! The group met outside in the Molnar’s backyard with masks and hand sanitizer - a good reflection of what our year will look like! Since our group is about forty people, we are able to meet inside and will primarily be meeting at KA for our events.

The theme of our Ignite year will be focused on the importance of community - what it looks like, why we need and how it can impact our walk with the Lord. We plan to ask different guest speakers from different communities in our life - POH, SPO, BOH, CFRS, etc - to come and share about their experience of community. We also want to better foster community amidst our teens and youth workers and make it an environment where everyone feels loved, supported and cared for by each other.

Please pray for this new Ignite year. We already know it is going to look and feel different but we are trusting the Lord has a very good plan for it and we are excited to see all he wants to do with us!

- The Ignite Team


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