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Lebanon: A mission year update from Ray Molnar

Above: The Servants of the Word and Fr. Youssef (Currently stationed in Nicaragua) from the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal.

Hi Everyone!

Praying you all are experiencing God’s blessings in this Easter season. I just wanted to give a quick update on how my mission year has been going here in Lebanon since last speaking to you all in February.

These past few months our team has been busy running retreats for high schools around Lebanon. This past week we put on one, final retreat for 100 students, bringing our “school retreat outreach” to a close as the academic year looks to wrap up. In total, we put on about 40 school retreats across Lebanon, enabling us to outreach to roughly 1600 students.

That’s 1600 students who have been exposed to our community life, who have experienced the kindness and joy that we look to foster in relationships, who have heard about and been invited to our community outreaches for university and highschool students, and who have been called on to pursue their faith in a deeper more personal way with Jesus. It’s been a huge blessing to see how God has been working through these school retreats and to see the response we’ve been getting from the students. We regularly have students from the school retreats coming to our community outreach events, increasingly making these retreats an important branch of our community’s evangelistic efforts.

With just a few months left here in Lebanon, there is still much to look forward to as schools break for the summer season. University Christian Outreach (UCO) will be hosting summer households for those interested in continuing or trying out household life, there will be a summer mission trip, and a variety of UCO events.

Over the past several months, God has really been at work in my life, but he is not done yet. I’m excited to see what he still has in store for me in these final months! I will continue to keep you all in my prayers and ask that you keep me in yours. Thank you and God bless!

- Ray Molnar


Follow our links to learn more about UCO, The Servants of the Word, and the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal!

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