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Family Forum Series - Session 1: Strengthening the "Us"

Updated: May 7, 2020

The goal of the Family Forum Series is to provide support and encouragement in authentic Christian family life.

We hosted our first session on Friday, November 1st at Koinonia Academy. The night started off with a wine and cheese social where couples had a chance to talk  with other couples and to enjoy each others' company.

The rest of the evening included a talk on how to foster gratitude for your spouse and how to help your marriage grow. This was followed by the witnesses of two couples who shared part of their own journey of married life, both in good times and in bad, where they shared some of their approaches to communication and gratitude for one another. The evening also allowed for some group discussion afterwards before ending in a brief exhortation to look for the virtue in our spouses and to live as saints, grateful for this life we have together in Christ.

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