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Archdiocesan Men's and Women' Day

Women's Day - March 9, 2019

"It was a privilege to be there and see about 2000 Catholic women come together, sacrificing an entire Saturday to hear truth, relate to each other, and have an opportunity to adore the Blessed Sacrament together, with holy music in the background to inspire us. The presence of the women from the People of Hope brought an atmosphere of the joy and love in service and truly appreciated as mentioned by our service coordinator. The talks about the transgender culture were very informative, somewhat shocking but we need to know it and pray. Personally I enjoy serving with all the women from various parishes and sharing our faith journeys."

-Judy, People of Hope Member

Men's Day - March 16, 2019

"During the afternoon of the Men's Conference, I led a discussion group of about ten men. One of the participants was an elderly man who told the rest of us that he had just gone to confession for the first time in 55 years. It was inspiring to hear from someone who had just experienced God's mercy in such a powerful way, and to see the fruit of a long-term plan of God."

- John, People of Hope Member

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