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A Remote Easter: The Joy of Easter Amidst a Time of Isolation and Quarantine

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

My family is alive and well and definitely not taking that for granted! Alleluia! He is Risen!! The one thing we realized as this “very different” Easter arrived is that everything around us is cancelled or shut down but not EASTER!!! It still came despite the changes in who we saw and what we wore - He is alive, and that FACT never changes!! So we tried to embrace that victory with some new changes - possibly new traditions! - and kept some old, thankfully Cadbury MiniEggs were still on sale!

We usually start our Easter with the Easter Vigil, so instead, we gathered around a campfire on Saturday night. We listened to the "Exultant" being sung as we watched Our Lord dispel the darkness as the fire does! No campfire would be complete without marshmallows, so we roasted PEEPS - mixed reviews! The next morning, we saw the empty tomb and were able to have our traditional candy hunt! Even our oldest son, Jonathan, stepped up, having his own egg hunt for his siblings in place of the ones we traditionally have at the grandparents’! Later, attending mass in our living room, we were blessed by the magnificent sounds of the St. Patrick’s Cathedral organ and inspired by Cardinal Dolan’s words of the glory of the empty tomb! Traditionally on our street, Mary Street, we have an Easter Parade with balloons, singing, and all but this year - we didn’t let the COVID-19 virus steal our spirits!

There was singing, balloons, and waves as we all celebrated on our own lawns keeping socially distant but spiritually one!!! With zoom calls and texts for Happy Easter from family and friends, the joy of the Truly Risen Lord was felt and celebrated. Some traditions were the same, some different but as we kicked off this glorious season, we have already felt His glory and experienced His Joy! He is Risen - that never changes! We pray that whatever situation you all find yourself in the season, you can too experience He who is the same, Yesterday, Today, and Forever! Alleluia!

- Joy, Anchor Member

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