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for a time such as this

2021 people of hope


Annually the Lord gifts us with an opportunity to reflect on our community life and let His Spirit work in our hearts and minds. While the past 12 months have been unprecedented, our God is unchanging, available and desires to meet us in this moment. Let us come to the conference expecting our God to work powerfully in each of us as individuals and together as a People of Hope


conference materials

Below are our People of Hope conference materials. At present, we have uploaded the audio versions of all of the talks, exhortations, etc.  We will upload video versions as they become available to us.  Please consider taking time to review the ways in which the Lord is speaking to us as a community.

Conference Materials
We are masters of meaning.00_01_10_02.St

saturday materials

Compass & PG1

MEN: 9-12PM

WOMEN: 1-4PM ​

PG 2 & PG 3

Women's Booklets:


PG 1

PG 2& 3

We are masters of meaning.00_01_10_02.St


Sunday morning Mass at 9:30 AM

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