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People of Hope Courses

Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Wheat Field

Fan Into Flame

Image by Shifaaz shamoon

Foundations I

Christian Personal Relationships

Foundations 2 - Community & Family Life (all)

Foundations 2: Singles- Entering State of Life

Image by Irina Iriser

Foundations 2: Single Women

Image by Blanca Paloma Sánchez

Foundations 2: Single Men

Magnified Grass

Foundations 2: Married Couples Course

Foundations 2: Married Men

Foundations 2: Married Women

Foundations 2: Christian Parenting Course

Marriage in the Holy Spirit Weekend

Emotions in the Christian Life

Fruit of the Spirit

Misty Slopes

Foundations 3: Call & Mission

Foundations 3: Church & Ecumenism

Foundations 3: Our Way of Life (Patterns)

Solo Flight

Foundations 4: Living in Christian Community

Baptism in the Holy Spirit/Fan into Flame
Fan Into Flame
Foundations 1
Christian Personal Relationships
FC2: Community & Family
FC2: Singles - Entering State of Life
FC2: Single Women
FC2: Single Men
FC2: Married Couples
Married Men
FC2: Married Women
FC2: Parenting Course
Emotions in the Christian Life
Marriage in the Holy Spirit
Call & Mission
Solo Flight
Fruit of the Spirit
Church & Ecumenism
Our Way of Life (Patterns)
FC4: Living in Christian Community
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