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A series of songs filmed in the little chapel at our People of Hope Office with the goal of prompting prayerful worship and meditation. Spend time with Christ and be encouraged by the beauty of music sung in his presence.

The People of Hope

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CAmp Hope

March 20, 2020

The People of Hope office staff leads a time of praise and worship in response to the the beginnings of Covid-19.  In the midst of uncertainty, God remains faithful.  May we ever place our trust and hope in Him.


"I Belong to You" by Robert Filoramo

"More Precious Than Silver" by Lynn DeShaza

"Exodus XV" by Frank Gallio

"God Alone" by John Keating

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Koinonia Academy

Alicia & Joseph Greey

Alicia and Joseph Greey joined us in the People of Hope chapel as they shared two of Alicia's most recent singles, two beautiful songs on the joyful waiting of Advent. Alicia and Joe's intimate and sincere vocals are a wonderful way to prepare one's heart to receive Christ anew. What a beautiful reminder to us during this last week in Advent that we wait in joyful hope!

A seasoned singer-songwriter, Alicia has devoted her efforts to bringing praise to God through reimaginings of old hymns and original compositions. Her most recent album "With God" is available online through her website. If you would like to hear more of Alicia's music be sure to check out

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Alicia Greey, singer, songwriter
Joseph Greey, singer, sound recordist and mixer

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Interviews with the artists

We've started a new interview series! Meet our featured musicians and learn a little more about their approach to faith, worship, and the creative process.

St Paul's outreach

April 9, 2020

A Lenten Tiny Chapel Session with the People of Hope office staff, Tim & Maeve.

"Glory Be to Jesus"

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To God be the glory

We will be continuing our Tiny Chapel Sessions through 2021 and beyond. If you would like to support us or know someone who would be a good fit for collaborating with us, we'd love to start a conversation.

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