CAMP HOPE Prayer Meeting

Pebble Beach



Brothers and sisters,

In the past two weeks the Covid guidelines have changed significantly. Due to this, we felt it was time to take a fresh look at the community's approach and update as needed. After reading the guidelines from the Newark Archdiocese and the Metuchen  Diocese and seeing how they have been implemented in the various parishes where our members are parishioners, the coordinators and women's council believe the best response to these new guidelines are as follows:

For large gatherings held at KA

1) Masks will not be required. Anyone feeling more comfortable wearing a mask should feel free to do so. 

2) Chairs will be set up as they were before the pandemic began but there will also be chairs available for you to seat yourself socially distanced.  Ushers will be available to assist if needed.

3) Hand sanitizer will continue to be available for use.


For large gatherings held at venues other than KA we will follow the guidelines set by the venue.


Small Groups will continue to meet as agreed upon by the leader in discussion with the members of the group.


Please remember, we want love and respect for one another to continue to be the principal guidelines for dealing with the pandemic.



Pebble Beach

Hello brothers and sisters!

We are excited to be together to celebrate Camp Hope at this Camp Hope Prayer Meeting! This prayer meeting will have both in person and virtual attendees. This prayer meeting will be streamed via Youtube so it will not have the same interactive aspect of Zoom but hope this streaming will serve us with clearer video & sound than zoom has served us in the past. For this prayer meeting we will be at KA at 2:30pm. Look forward to being together!