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"Zoom" Past Isolation: Small Group Meetings in a Time of Quarantine

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Isolation is a real challenge to the blessings of our Small Group relationships. Technology to the rescue! Besides phone calls, emails and texts, our Share Group has been “Zooming” online. Zoom offers a free online meeting format, allowing a visual and audio opportunity for groups separated by location. Our small group has Zoomed weekly for 45 minute sessions, enjoying each others’ faces & voices, prayers, encouragement and updates. Marites patiently guides us through the tech challenges of connecting 7 iPhones or computer screens. We smile and wave as each sister appears on screen.

Many of us shared how our Lent and Easter in isolation has been like a beautiful retreat, especially with so many prayer opportunities online and on TV. We also have a renewed thirst for Jesus in the Eucharist. We do look forward to celebrating our Baptismal Days in person at some point, but in the meantime it’s great to share our ups and downs, our spiritual insights, and encouragement to go back to ‘isolation’ with renewed hope and joy. We even pray over one another for our needs. The ‘virtual’ visits can’t include hugs, but we feel closer than sitting 6 feet apart with masks on!

Many of us have Zoomed with our separated families as well. My favorite Zoom was a virtual tea party with my granddaughters, complete with fancy hats, tea sets, lace tablecloths, scones, and lots of laughter! Zoom brings our isolated relationships to a whole new level!

- Helen, Anchor Member

Helen and her small group on their Zoom small group call.

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