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40 Years of Marriage!

In 1983, the People of Hope saw 13 marriages take place, more than 1 per month! Over the years many of the couples have gotten together to celebrate 10,15, 25,30 year anniversaries. This year marked our 40th. We were blessed to have Fr. John Gordon celebrate the Eucharist for us and after a wonderful homily we renewed our wedding vows. It was a very grace-filled and special moment for us all. We shared the Lord’s Day together and had an opportunity to thank the Lord for the graces He provides in the sacrament of marriage, His faithfulness to us in good times and bad, our formation and life together in The People of Hope and the deep love and joy we experience in our marriages. Thank you Heavenly Father for your love and grace stretched out over 40 years, to You be all the glory!

Front to Back: Gregory & Maureen Floyd, Gary & Alicia Montemurno, Frank & Donna Guido, Carl & Theresa Schlegel, Frank & Anne Dill, Joe & Lisa Clemente, Ray & Pam Rutz

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