Step 1. Register

IMPORTANT: You must resubmit a survey form for EACH man or woman attending the retreat.

Men's Retreat

Women's Retreat

Step2. Submit Payment

The full cost of the retreat for one participant staying overnight at the camp is $150.
The cost for a participant who commutes each day and does not sleep at the camp is $110.
There is a discount for current students. The cost for one student is $100.
* If the cost is prohibitive for you, we may be able to find alternative cost-sharing options. Please contact your district coordinator or the person who invited you (SPO members contact Ed Moccia).
* If you are interested in helping a student pay for the retreat, please contact Marty Buganski at


Pay Online

Mail Check

Make checks payable to “The People of Hope” and indicate on the memo line which retreat the check is for. Send to

The People of Hope
1040 Plainfield Avenue
Plainfield, NJ 07060